Some processing methods

- Direct methods on provisional putty
Sequence followed by images
1) Tracing of cardboard (full size) and of cheesecloth (sketching of the drawing on a special tissue paper)
2) Reversing the sketch from tissue paper onto putty
3) Execution of the mosaic on putty
4) Glueing of the tesserae through a special cloth (tarlatan) in order to lift them from the provisional putty (bed of lime putty)
5) Wiping of the excess grout from the joints (mosaic reverse) and new grouting with special binder
6) Removing of the cloths and wiping of the mosaic from glue excess

- Direct method
Tesserae are embedded directly on the fresh binder

- Indirect method
Tesserae are arranged on a cloth using natural glues, completeley covered by permanent binder and eventually the cloth is removed and the tesserae wiped from glue excess.